As time passes by we adapt, we evolve. Circumstances have been challenging these last couple of years, especially for the logistics industry. However, whilst most activity stopped, trade was reinforced. High demand needed to be covered and some of the largest manufacturers worldwide were forced to make a fast growing expansion; new places to reach, new borders to cross, new processes to optimize.

Since then, more and more people have joined our cloud-based platform, making trade easier and reachable for shippers and carriers throughout Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Our ground-breaking Broker Portal became the first of its kind in Mexico, offering solutions to answer the systemic needs of brokers and forwarders, and assisting companies with their day-to-day activities by providing cost-effective solutions. New collaborations were made with RC Control to provide 24/7 visibility on either side of the US-Mexico border. We also completed Google Cloud Integration, enhancing our ability to deliver technologies such as live pricing and real-time tracking, allowing our users to compete most effectively in the marketplace; thanks to that, we doubled our Canadian carrier network, expanding our cross border shipping capabilities and operations, empowering us to surpass our own record revenue and increasing our customer base more than 150% in less than six months.

Technology has been the key to keep us on the road. Today, we are proud to introduce ourselves as Fr8app, an innovative technology platform and dynamic sales force overcoming historic levels of capacity constraints within the North American freight truck distribution chain.

Changes of improvement have been made and now is the time to keep going further as your roadmates, Fr8app.

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