Fr8app or (Freight App) is a cloud-based marketplace that simplifies the once-complex process of international over-the-road (OTR) shipping.


For Shippers

Get shipments cross border quickly, safely, and with less hassle

Simply post your shipment, its destination-anywhere in the USA, Mexico or Canada-and the amount you’re willing to pay. You’ll be matched with a secure carrier quickly. Then once the shipment is on its way, you can enjoy real-time 24/7 tracking.

For Carriers

Streamline your daily operations and get paid faster

Now you can match quality loads on your favorite routes at the rate you want. With real-time 24/7 tracking, you also spend less time reporting updates on truck locations so you can focus on matching more loads. Find cross-border loads and domestic shippments in US and MX.



Fr8App is a cloud-based platform powered by AI,  simplifying the once complex process of international over-the-road (OTR) shipping, connecting shippers to a broad network of reliable carriers. 


Cloud-based marketplace combines it all into one control center, directly matching cross-border shippers throughout Mexico, Canada, and the United States with available, reliable carriers and drivers for their loads; with 24/7 live tracking, visibility for shipments coming in and out, status updates, transparent pricing, quick pay, and driver ratings; making the process faster, more securely, and with the best possible market prices. We made cross border shipping simple.

Freight App Platform 

Freight App’s innovative digital freight matching technology streamlines and simplifies cross-border shipping, connecting shippers with a broad network of reliable carriers and drivers in Mexico, Canada and the United States, making efficiencies, reducing costs and increasing revenue for shippers and carriers.

We´re Roadmates

With our mobile App solution now truck drivers can update status in real time, provide track and trace visibility, haul loads based on their location, send documents with the camera and live chat with operations teams and shippers.

Why Fr8App ?

.. Carriers ..

Spend less time matching each load with Fr8app. Just set your rate, routes, and trucks, and our platform does most of the work for you.

.. Shippers ..

Our data-driven platform gives us the ability to predict your needs and match your loads even faster. With transparent pricing, you get the lowest cost available on the market along with 24/7 tracking of your freight throughout its full journey.

.. Innovation ..

We are the first and only to combine our tech saviness with an intimate knowledge of the over the road cross border shipping.


Alongside experts, we work together to offer a fast, reliable and user-friendly platform, a simple solution to manage the logistics environment.


Sharpen your skills in making the sale.

Our program includes lectures and discussion sessions, case studies, and team-based assignments that have been developed for each topic. Join us!


Because our core business is technology.

We seek to reduce our carbon footprint by optimizing empty miles, and using as little paper as possible. In addition the system will enable you to reduce paper consumption and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.