How to use Fr8App: Basic Features

In this video, we will show you the basic features of Fr8App so you can make the most out of your freight operations. Let’s get started!

The main page of fr8app is your starting point. Here, you can see all your loads clearly and organized. Each load is presented with key information such as origin, destination, dates, and more. You can easily navigate the list and find the load you’re interested in.

Now let’s see how to update the status of a load.

Updating the status of a load is very simple in fr8app. Just tap on the “Change status” button. There you will find the option to update its status, whether it’s in transit, delivered, or other relevant states. Keep the information up to date for better communication with your business partners.

From the main page, you can access all the information related to a load on its detail page. Here you will find data such as load type, dimensions, weight, special requirements, and any other relevant information. Make sure to review all the details for effective load management.

Once you have completed a load, it’s time to upload the POD (Proof of Delivery).

Fr8app allows you to easily upload proof of delivery. When a load has been successfully delivered, select the option to upload a POD in the designated section that you can access the way we show in the video. You can attach a document from your phone or take a photo. Follow the instructions to attach the document and ensure that all relevant data is correctly recorded.

Do you have pending PODs to upload? In Fr8app, you can quickly access a list of all pending proof of delivery documents to upload. This will help you keep track and ensure that all the documents are in order. Don’t forget to upload the PODs as soon as possible for better load management.

Smooth communication is key in Fr8App.

You can access your messages related to a load from the designated button on the main page. Here you can exchange information with our agents available 24/7, resolve doubts, and maintain a constant flow of communication at all times.

To personalize your experience in Fr8App, make sure to explore the profile and settings options. You can adjust your preferences, update your contact information, and tailor the platform to your specific needs. Feel free to explore all the available options.

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