How to turn on location on your iPhone to enable tracking in Fr8App

Your iPhone has a GPS antenna that tracks location data in real time. This antenna allows tracking and monitoring of each load you transport with Fr8App, giving shippers visibility of the shipments. To use this functionality it is necessary to turn on the location of your iPhone and allow Fr8App to use it.

Find out how easy it is to turn on and set up your location settings for freight tracking in Fr8App below.

Step 1. Open Fr8App

The first time you open Fr8App you will be requested to allow the use of the GPS location of your Smartphone.

Allow the Fr8App app to use your location while the app is in use.

Step 2. Access location in the background

Now, go to Settings and scroll down to find Fr8App.

Tap Fr8App and select Location settings to select Always option.

Done! You have now finished setting up your iPhone to track your uploads in Fr8App.

If you have any issue, you can contact one of our experts or download the step-by-step guide to activate tracking in Fr8App.

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