How to Post a New Load on Fr8App Logistics Loadboard

In this video you will learn how to post your first load in our load board. Let ‘s begin!

Once identified, go to the “Loads” section. Here you will find every load you’ve posted. In order to post a new load, click on the “Post Load” button.

Here, you will be required to input load specifications such as pick up and delivery addresses and also specific instructions for each. Kindly note that the fields marked with an asterisk are compulsory.

In case the “earliest pick up date” is the same as the “finish pick up date”, check the appropriate checkbox so you don’t have to input the information twice. The same applies for delivery dates.

After the previous step, you can proceed to enter the remaining specifications, these are, the type of equipment, weight, pallet count and dimensions, among others. Do not forget to write the freight value. This helps us realize if a certain carrier insurance policy is a good match for your freight.

Here you can also write the Pick Up Number down. This will help the shipper identify the freight faster. The last step is to choose between MXN and USD and click on “Next”.

This last page will show you the most relevant information about the load. To finish this process just write your rate down and an expiration date.

If we haven’t assigned a carrier to your load by this date, the load will be canceled automatically.

You have now posted your first load with Fr8App! Now you will be able to see your load posted on the “Loads” section. You can find this on the side panel.

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